Long Range Rifle I Course

Long Range Rifle I Course
Long Range Rifle I Course
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Designed for the novice.  This program will train and test the operator in the use of the precision scoped rifle. (Sniper training without the tactics.) This course covers fundamentals of marksmanship, ballistics, ammunition selection and usage, shooting positions, effects of weather, data book set up and theory, team techniques, known distance range firing from 100 to 800 yds. 

Ammunition requirements:  
500 rounds match grade ammunition. 

Prerequisite:  None.  

Required equipment:   
Scoped non-magnum caliber rifle, bipod, 20x (min) spotting scope, data and/or log book, appropriate eye, ear, knee and elbow protection, clothing suitable for weather conditions.  

It is recommended that LR1 students attend in teams of two whenever possible.  There is no specific reticle requirement but you must have either target or BDC type turrets. It is strongly recommended that students contact the office and discuss with an instructor the suitability of the rifle and scope they intend to use. 

Length:  3 days

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Thomas P.  (Posted on Saturday 28 June, 2014)

If you have not done much long range shooting or want to build on what you know, this is the class for you. LR1 is an excellent foundation for long range shooting. The outstanding staff will take you through the basics of rifle marksmanship, ballistics, scope and reticle application and data collection. You will also get a taste of known distance shooing out to several hundred yards. You just can't go wrong with the training at SMTC.

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   john lewis  (Posted on Wednesday 30 October, 2013)

I just took Long Range Rifle I October 18-20, 2013 and it was GREAT. It was my second time taking LRR I and I learn more each time I come to Storm Mountain Training Center. Rod and Joe did an excellent job of instructing us. I cannot wait for 2014 !!!!!!!!!

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Josiah Keeton  (Posted on Tuesday 02 July, 2013)

I recently participated in Long Rang 1, 2, 2A, and 3, and would like to thank Storm Mountain Training Center for the fantastic training that was provided. The experience exceeded my expectations in every way. The professionalism and realism of the instructors was a refreshing change of pace. (I don’t want to get overly detailed because the NSA is reading this.) Their emphasis on what is real and what actually works was/is greatly appreciated. Both instructors were personable, approachable, and answered questions frankly and honestly. (Again a far cry from other training I have received.) They were entertaining and informative, and, beneath the façade of the hardened soldier, genuinely good people. To say I appreciated that I was treated as an equal and as a real human being is an understatement. Disclaimer: I do believe that both instructors can be/are hardened soldiers, so please do not send them after me to prove a point. The classrooms, ranges, and facilities in general are top notch. The ladies in the office were/are just as professional as the instructors. After spending only a couple of days there, I could tell that they have poured their hearts and souls into this business. The staff at SMTC has created an amazing place to train. The staff are as much a reason to train here as the quality of the training. It was an experience I will not likely forget.

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Edward Goenne  (Posted on Friday 21 June, 2013)

This was an awesome course with a high thouroughput of invaluable knowledge and expertise. The real world training that is taught here is a skill that some never get to fully encompass. In the long distance shooting realm, the skills can diminish over time and this will help to refresh you 101%. I highly encourage anyone attending to heed the advice in the requirements block and be sure you have a quality rifle/scope & ammunition that can handle real world situations; wheather it be hunting or tactical. This was well worth the time, effort and money and I am a high-power rifle competition shooter with many years experience. Take the challenge and go for it.

5 of 5 Stars!    Review by   Mark vicario  (Posted on Tuesday 28 May, 2013)

I just completed the LR-1 Training course Memorial weekend 2013. Had a GREAT time!!! The Instructor's and staff are very professionalble, and know what they are talking about. I would highly recomend this course to anybody who want's to learn long range shooting. Can not wait till I take LR-2. Looking forward to it.

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